At Talladega County Emergency Management Agency, our guiding principles are communication, coordination, collaboration and cooperation which all aim at protecting, preparing and serving all of our citizens.  We strive every day to ensure that Talladega County's citizens are served in the event of a disaster or an emergency.  We are ready to act in a moment's notice, and it is our job to make sure all citizens are protected and prepared when that moment does happen.

Our job does not start when disaster strikes or an emergency occurs.  Our work began long before that siren sounded or a disaster was declared.  Through a vast network of cooperating organizations, Talladega County EMA leads the charge to serve the entire county through emergency management and preparedness planning.  Our public awareness and preparedness program focuses on educating our citizens about preparedness for all hazards that may occur in our community whether natural or man-made.  Presentations on emergency preparedness are available to the general public on request.  Call 256-761-2125 for more information.  


Mission Statement

The Talladega County Emergency Management Agency (TCEMA) is responsible for coordinating the emergency management activities of county and city governments as it relates to the safety of the citizens of the county. This will be accomplished through training of all responders in Talladega County, by acquiring needed resources for response efforts through grants and other funding opportunities, and by exercising a mutual aid system throughout the county among the different municipalities and their responding agencies.

Vision Statement

To be one of the most exemplary, if not the best, Emergency Management Agencies in the State of Alabama through training, exercising, and increasing relationships with all those that are relied upon in emergency response.

Talladega County Emergency Management Agency/Office of Homeland Security
26715 AL Highway 21
PO Box 43
Talladega, AL 35161
Phone. (256) 761-2125
Fax: (256) 362-1812
 A member of National Emergency Management Association and Alabama Association of Emergency Managers